Jagdish Raj

Sales & Networking - Head, USA

Jagdish Raj (JR) is highly experienced business development professional engaged in international export & import businesses and masterminds design and development of learning programs for international exposure. JR draws upon extensive industry research to analyze and create meaningful content and training solutions to help participants develop a clear and thoughtful perspective on the competitive state of the industry.

JR has more than two decades of experience in diverse industries, including counseling, customer service, and communications. He is a Political Science major from Delhi University, India and has worked with U.S. Department of Commerce and American Embassy, New Delhi.

JR specializes in offering innovative ideas and connects international firms to the best suppliers, buyers, and business partners. He offers expert trade counseling and business matchmaking. He has successfully facilitated significant business deals for his clients across the globe. He holds significant knowledge of export & import procedures, policies of India and USA and is currently heading the sales operations of CBD in New York-USA.