Mamta Khanna


Mamta is an accomplished Content Specialist with nearly 17 years’progressive experience as a writer, editor, and blogger. She has keen interest in research-based writing and possesses the ability to generate content in a variety of styles and formats for multiple audiences. She has developed technical and soft-skill courses for US and UK based audience while working with multiple e-learning companies in India. Mamta is a post graduate from IIMC-JNU Campus and has worked for leading print and online media firms too. She strongly believes that a collaborative environment is essential for the overall success of an individual or organization.

She has won several awards for her outstanding performance while working with various content development firms. Her articles have been featured in various e-learning blogs such as learning solutions mag and info pro learning. Mamta has successfully mentored and managed a team of creative writers and handled end-to-end strategy and content creation activities while working as independent writer and consultant.

Mamta’s expertise is not limited to e-learning domain. She has a keen interest in entrepreneurship topics. She has worked as Executive Editor for WASME- an international NGO that promotes the cause and development of MSMEs. She has successfully designed, strategized, and developed content for their monthly magazine- World SME News. She even provided support for hosting various events (conferences, seminars, training programs) and maintaining and developing key contacts on global platform. Other than writing, Mamta enjoys networking with individuals having high aspirations with an objective to establish a mutually beneficial professional relationship to manifest the spirit of collaboration in thought, word, and deed. She is an avid traveller and loves to write poetry to give a vent to her creative thinking and abilities.